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The Kids’ Next list is a national publication recommending books for children and youth. It comes out four times a year.
One of Ann’s recommendations is featured in the Summer 2020 List! Way to go, Ann!
Pick up your copy of the Kids’ Next list the next time you’re in the store. Here’s a link to Ann’s review.

Ann Ann

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Giraffe Asks for Help
Nyasha Chikowore, illustrated by Janet McDonnell

Gary Giraffe is very excited. It’s his sixth birthday and he thinks he is finally tall enough to reach the best leaves on the acacia tree. He stretches as far as he can, but he can’t quite make it. With a little help from his animal friends and reassurance that everyone needs help sometimes, Gary accomplishes his goal. Gary’s story teaches about how and when to ask for help. The lesson is that asking for help can be a positive part of learning and being independent. The book includes additional information for parents and caregivers. I think Giraffe Asks for Help would be a wonderful addition to any young child’s library.

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Maddi’s Fridge
Lois Brandt, illustrated by Vin Vogel

Maddi and Sofia have been swinging, sliding, and climbing at the playground. When her stomach growls, Sofia suggests that they go get a snack. Maddi wants to stay at the park, but Sofia runs to Maddi’s building and up the stairs. When Sofia pulls opens the fridge, she finds only a carton of milk. Maddi explains that her mom can’t just go to the store because they don’t have enough money. Maddi asks her friend not to tell anyone and Sofia promises that she won’t. But Sofia can’t stop thinking about Maddi’s fridge. Finally, though she doesn’t want to break her promise, Sofia tells her mom. Sofia, her mom, and her little brother fill up some grocery bags with food to share with Maddi’s family. Maddi’s Fridge is a good story that has the added bonus of raising awareness of childhood hunger. Sophia’s predicament also brings up the question of secrets; when they should be kept and when they should be told. I’m glad that I read Maddi’s Fridge. I highly recommend it to parents and teachers of young children.

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Sharon Draper
Blended accurately describes eleven-year-old Isabella’s life. Her dad is black and her mom is white. Her parents are divorced and Isabella’s home is wherever she is living that particular week. When she is with her dad, the lifestyle and experiences are more luxurious. They often dine at fancy restaurants. When with mom, life is simpler. Bowling is a favorite pastime. Wherever she is, Isabella loves blending the sounds of the black and white keys to make beautiful music on the piano. However, in Blended Isabella comes up against conflict and bias with results that are frightening and heartbreaking. Draper has created a unique, resilient, strong, and believable character. Isabella is a girl who I would like to meet. Her perspective is sure to give readers new insights and food for thought.



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The Line Tender
Kate Allen

The Line Tender is about a young girl named Lucy Everhart, who is going through life after her mother, Helen, passed away from an accident. Since the accident, Lucy has gotten by with the help of her father and her best friend, Fred. One summer while hanging out with Fred and a few other friends, another tragic accident happens, leaving Lucy trying to figure out what her relationships really meant. My grandmother recommended this book to me because of my interest in sharks, but the storyline and how it was written kept my attention. When I got near the end of the book, I was sad because the book was so good, and I did not want it to end! I really enjoyed The Line Tender and would give the book a 9/10! I recommend this book for anyone 13 years old and older!



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Orphan Island

Laurel Snyder

Every year the green boat arrives, drops off a new young orphan, and takes the eldest orphan away. That is, until the year Jinny is the eldest orphan and doesn’t get in the boat. What will happen as a result?

This coming of age story brings up topics of caring for others, doing your best, and believing in yourself. I loved this thought provoking book!

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My Best Friend
Julie Fogliano and Jillian Tamaki

I loved this book! Two little girls discover each other and even though they are different with different likes and dislikes they are friends. This is a beautiful book. The illustrations are done in colored pencils and are beautifully detailed. This children’s book reminds all of us to enjoy the people around us with all their differences.


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