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Estey painting
Art Leap, Park Rapids’ annual open studio event
September 28 and 29

We’re going to be a site for Art Leap! We’ll host artist Kent Estey. Here’s what he says about himself and his work:

Kent Estey is a proud member of the White Earth Nation of Anishinaabe, in Northwestern Minnesota. He and his wife Becky live and work on the White Earth Reservation where Kent teaches Art, Technology and Robotics at the local Charter School in Naytahwaush, Minnesota.

“I’ve always been drawn to the sky and water. The serenity found there provides me endless opportunities to paint. I am surrounded by the woods and beautiful lakes of Northwestern Minnesota, so for me, inspiration is everywhere.

I consider myself a contemporary artist, with a special interest in sky and landscapes. My paintings are typically more nonrepresentational and abstract in nature. I love color of course, and texture. I use a variety of mediums in my paintings, including acrylic, oil, and inks. Some of my more recent painting feature stone, copper, and other metals. I am inspired by earth-tones with deep shades of blue, brown and red. 

Although I am very proud of my heritage, viewers may find that my work doesn't necessarily represent or depict traditional Native American themes. My inspiration comes from nature, and often times, my feelings and emotions are what's expressed on canvas and paper.

I've learned that I cannot paint for others, first. I have to paint with my heart and my vision. That’s when I capture and celebrate my beautiful Ojibwe heritage.”

—Kent Estey

For more information about Kent Estey’s work. 

For more information about Art Leap.

Our Lake Lodge
Fall Reading Retreat

October 25 to 27

Our annual fall Reading Retreat will be October 25 to 27 at Our Lake Lodge, about 8 miles north of Park Rapids. The theme will be “The Circle of Life.” Our books will be The Line Tender, Late Migrations, and Prodigal Summer. We’ll be exploring the connections between the natural and human worlds—as well as relaxing and enjoying great conversation and food. Call (218-237-2665), email (, or stop by the store for registration materials.

A limited number of spots are still available. If you’re interested in coming, don’t delay registering.

book coverbook coverbook cover

Beage and Wolf Night In/Morning In logo2020 Night In/Morning In
January 18 and 19, 2020

Looking even further ahead...

...our annual event is so popular we've already started to plan for next year!

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We sponsor a robust schedule of events—this summer alone, we’ve brought over 50 authors to Park Rapids. This is possible only because of the purchases of our customers. For that reason, we ask that only books purchased from us be presented for signing at events. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.

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