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The Night Is For Darkness
Jonathan Stutzman, illustrated by Joseph Kuefler

Readers join a father driving home with his son and daughter, and as we join them it is night time. They notice wildlife, the night sky, and sights and sounds that are part of the world of darkness. They arrive home to meet their mother and begin bedtime rituals complete with brushing teeth, saying prayers, and listening to stories. The Night Is For Darkness is a story told in lyrical rhythm and rhyme accompanied by appealing illustrations. This bedtime story has a peaceful and reassuring feel that would make it a great addition to any young child's library.

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Remembering Ethan
Leslea Newman, illustrated by Tracy Bishop

Sarah's older brother Ethan died and she misses him terribly. However, when Sarah tries to share her memories of Ethan with her parents, they shut her down. It is just too painful. Sarah begins to wonder if only she and her cat, Buttons, remember Ethan. Eventually, there is a turning point. The family shares photos, memories, and Ethan's favorite breakfast, eggs "funny side up.” The story is heart wrenching, but ultimately hopeful. Young children will easily relate to Sarah. Remembering Ethan has the potential to start important conversations about feelings surrounding the death of a loved one. The book ends with a note to readers sharing valuable information about childhood grief and steps parents can take to help. Remembering Ethan is a wonderful resource for both families and professionals.

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Accordionly: Abuelo and Opa Make Music
Michael Genhart, illustrated by Priscilla Burris

When Abuelo and Opa come to visit, they are polite but awkwardly quiet. They come from different cultures and don't share the same language and customs. Fortunately, their grandson remembers something that his grandfathers have in common. They both play the accordion! When the grandfathers go get their instruments, the awkwardness disappears. Abuelo and Opa share music from their own cultures and learn about the music of the other. Music, song, and dance bring the families together and help bridge the gap between cultures. The story ends with a wonderful fold out illustration and a note connecting true stories from the lives of the author and illustrator to Accordionly. This is a fun story with bright, appealing illustrations.

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Soldier Dogs: Air Raid Search and Rescue
Marcus Sutter

Air Raid Search and Rescue
is the first book in the Soldier Dogs series, a new adventure series featuring the dogs who helped our troops in World War II.
The story is set in England during the Canterbury Blitz. Chief is a retired fire dog who was raised by Matt's older brother, Eric. When Eric enlists Chief is left with Matt. It isn't always easy for Matt to share Chief's attention with his foster sister, Rachel. When it's most important, will Matt be a hero to Rachel and will Chief be there for both of them? Illustrations are scattered throughout the book. Timelines, maps, and posters are an additional bonus. Middle grade readers who enjoy the I Survived books will be drawn to the Soldier Dogs series.


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