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September 2015

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There will be lots of activity at Beagle and Wolf this month!

cards on sale
End-of-Summer Sale

Our end-of-summer sale will be running all month and includes greeting cards, select piano books, and all sorts of non-book items as we clear our shelves before getting new inventory.

And be sure to check out our Bargain Cart—hardcovers are $5, paperbacks are $2, and we regularly add books.

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Book Group News

Sister Wolf Book Groups will be winding down while the Beagle Women’s group starts up again. The Mens’ Group and Kids’ Group continue and we’re starting an evening Mens’ Group.

Get all the details here.

AND, authors will be visiting the store in September!

bookTim Jollymore
September 5, Noon to 2:00

Tim Jollymore, a favorite of our customers, will be back with his newly released book, Observation Hill. Copies of his first book, Listener in the Snow, will also be available. Both books are paperbacks.


bookSarah Johnson
September 19, noon to 2:00

Sarah Johnson will be here with her newly released book, Life is Beautiful, in paperback.

Michael Wellner
September 26, noon to 2:00

Michael Wellner will be signing copies of Echoes from the Heartland,
observations of people and places he’s encountered, which created a Sense of Place in his life.

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Bestsellers for August

book book book book book

Bird Skinner




What Pet Should
I Get?


The Sun and
Other Stars


I Am Malala

book   book   book   book   book

Go Set a


Kitchens of the
Great Midwest




The Boys in
the Boat


Goodnight Loon


Midwest Connection Picks


bookGood Night, Mr. Wodehouse

a novel by Faith Sullivan

A new novel from a beloved Minnesota writer (The Cape Ann, Gardenias) is a cause for celebration! In Faith Sullivan’s latest book, Nell Stillman struggles to find meaning in a chaotic world. Her life wasn’t easy as she experiences a complicated marriage, early widowhood, and the loss of her child, But somehow she manages to find moments of grace, more often than not through the genial voice of P.G. Wodehouse, the beloved British novelist. Spanning the first half of the twentieth century, Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse celebrates the power of great novels—from Austen to Chekhov as well as Wodehouse—to transform, console, and teach us the value of friendship and love. (It’s not necessary to have read the works of these writers to appreciate Sullivan’s book.) The book will be released on September 15, and may be pre-ordered.

The Senator Next Door: A Memoir from the Heartland
a memoir by Amy Klobuchar

One of the U.S. Senate's most candid—and funniest—women tells the story of her life and her unshakeable faith in our democracy.

Minnesota’s own Senator  has tackled every obstacle she's encountered—her parents' divorce, her father's alcoholism and recovery, her political campaigns and Washington's gridlock—with honesty, humor and pluck. Now, in The Senator Next Door, she chronicles her remarkable heartland journey, from her immigrant grandparents to her middle-class suburban upbringing to her rise in American politics.

Optimistic, plainspoken and often very funny, The Senator Next Door is a story about how the girl next door decided to enter the fray and make a difference. At a moment when America's government often seems incapable of getting anything done, Amy Klobuchar proves that politics is still the art of the possible.

bookIsabelle Day Refuses to Die of a Broken Heart,
a young adult novel by Jane St. Anthony

In Milwaukee, Isabelle Day had a house. And she had a father. This year, on Halloween, she has half of a house in Minneapolis, a mother at least as sad as she is, and a loss that’s too hard to think—let alone talk—about. It’s the Midwest in the early 1960s, and dads just don’t die… like that.

Hovering over Isabelle’s new world are the duplex’s too-attentive landladies, Miss Flora and Miss Dora, who dwell in a sea of memories and doilies; the gleefully demonic Sister Mary Mercy, who rules a school awash in cigarette smoke; and classmates Margaret and Grace, who hold out some hope of friendship. As Isabelle’s first tentative steps carry her through unfamiliar territory she begins to discover that, when it comes to pain and loss, she might actually be in good company and just might find the heart and humor to save herself. With characteristic sensitivity and wit, Jane St. Anthony reveals how a girl’s life clouded with grief can also hold a world of promise.


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