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This month's Midwest Connection Picks

book cover

We're All In This Together
Amy Jones

Like all families, the Parkers of Thunder Bay have had their share of complications. Set over the course of four calamitous days that culminate in a road trip to Duluth, Minnesota, Amy Jones's big-hearted, bestselling novel follows the Parkers as catastrophe forces them to do something they never thought possible—act like a family.​

Originally published in Canada in 2016, the publisher has revised the cover slightly and made a few other minor tweaks to the package, treating it as a new release in the US since it wasn’t previously available.


book cover

The Current
Tim Johnston

In the dead of winter, state troopers pull two young women from the Black Root River—one dead, one alive. What happened was no accident, and news of the crime awakens the community’s memories of another young woman who lost her life in the same river ten years earlier, and whose killer may still live among them.​


Women Rowing North: 
Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Age
Nonfiction by Mary Pipher

Women growing older contend with ageism, misogyny, and loss, but their struggles can help them grow into the authentic, empathetic, and wise people they have always wanted to be. Drawing on her own experiences, Mary Pipher explores ways women can cultivate resilient responses to the challenges they face.​ 


Bim, Bam, Bop, and Oona
Jacqueline Briggs, illustrated by Larry Day

When these ducks go to the pond, it is Bim, Bam, Bop… and Oona, always last. Spunky Oona will inspire and delight all who see her final triumphant creation. A tale about being true to yourself, building confidence, and finding friendship, Bim, Bam, Bop… and Oona is sure to bring smiles to readers and listeners of all ages.​

Some favorite past Midwest Picks

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