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Local Book Groups: register with us to receive a 10% discount on book group titles. Simply give us the name of your group, provide us a contact person and your reading list. We’ll have your titles in stock.


Beagle Men's Group

June 18

book cover


Clemente : The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero
David Maraniss



Beagle Women's Group

June 24







book cover


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Betty Smith




(Topics Explored & Discussed)

June 12




book cover




Wandering Souls
Cecile Pin






Sister Wolf Books Group

June 5

The group will meet every other week through September 11. The complete schedule can be found here.


book cover



One Hundred Saturdays

Michael Frank




June 19

book cover



Within Arm's Reach
Ann Napolitano


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