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book cover A Bear, A Fish, and a Fishy Wish 
Daniel Bernstorm, illustrated by Brandon James Scott

What happens when a hungry bear encounters a fish with a wish?

That’s explored in A Bear, A Fish, and a Fishy Wish.

Told in spare text and exquisite illustrations, the reader encounters a fish trying its hardest to get home, which is UP the rapids. We also meet a hungry bear, who manages to snatch the fish mid-flight and is immediately confronted by more fish (if you don’t think fish can look angry, think again!!)

I love the understated humor in this picture book, the lush and colorful illustrations, and the resolution of the story. (Spoiler: the bear is still hungry on the last page.)

I recently read this for a storytime with 3 and 4 year olds and it received thumbs UP!



book cover

Lines of Courage
Jennifer Nielsen

The story begins as World War l begins, with the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Readers meet five young people who are from different countries but are all greatly affected by World War I. Felix, from Austria-Hungary strives to be courageous. Elsa, a German major's daughter, is looking for friendship. Kara is British and wants to use her Red Cross training to become a nurse or doctor. Juliette, from France, is separated from her family and is searching for them. Russian Dimitri wants to survive life in the trenches. The characters face unbelievable challenges and exhibit unexpected degrees of courage. Their story teaches about World War I from different perspectives while revealing common dangers and extreme hardships. Eventually, the characters' lives intertwine, bringing the story to a satisfying ending.



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