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Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh
Mo Williams  

Santa’s last words as he leaves to wrap some gifts are “Don’t let the pigeon drive the sleigh!” Pigeon REALLY wants to drive the sleigh. In his attempts to convince us, he tries flattery, bossiness, and reminders of how jolly he can be. When his efforts are repeatedly turned down, he begins looking at the sleigh more closely. What makes this thing go anyway? He notices an unpleasant smell. Discovering a reindeer in the lead changes Pigeon’s mind. Maybe he’ll help with a different holiday. This book with its funny story and appealing illustrations will be a great addition to holiday collections.

This book will be released September 5.

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Zap! Clap! Boom!
The Story of a Thunderstorm

Laura Purdie Sala, illustrated by Elly MacKay

Children are playing outside on a calm day. Gradually, the weather changes. Clouds appear, and the wind starts to blow. Finally, Zap! Clap! Boom! With thunder, lightning, and rain, the storm arrives. The children watch the rainfall from the safety and comfort of their homes. The storm comes and goes. Quiet returns, droplets of water cover leaves, and the earth is shiny and clean. Zap! Clap! Boom! is written in rhyming verse that will appeal to young children and help them better understand the storm cycle.

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The Cutest Critter
Marion Dane Bauer, photos by Stan Tekiela

As the story opens, a mother and child walk through the forest. The question is asked, "Who's the cutest critter in the land?" Photographs show a series of darling baby forest animals and a brief remark about each creature. Readers are sure to be charmed as the cutest critter is revealed at the end of the story. Child-friendly, informative text by Marion Dane Bauer, and beautiful photos by wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela will make this book a family favorite.

Jen Jen

book coverThe Golden Swift
Lev Grossman

After Tom and I listened to The Silver Arrow, I couldn't resist continuing on to its sequel, The Golden Swift! The audio book is narrated by Simon Vance, who also narrated Silver Arrow (and is a perfect fit!) When The Golden Swift opens, Kate and Tom have gone on a number of missions on the beloved Silver Arrow steam train, but Tom has started to lose interest in the adventures as he's become involved in hapkido. However, when Uncle Herbert goes missing, he agrees to join Kate to find him. While this adventure is different from those that Kate and Tom experienced in The Silver Arrow, it has the same charm—an adventure with a bit of an environmental nudge. audio book coverThe Silver Arrow and The Golden Swift books are a duology and would make a great read aloud for a classroom or at home. I highly recommend both and I'm sad that this is just a duology, so there won't be more books! logo



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