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Children's Book Week Poster cat May 2022

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An Open Letter from Jen

Many of you know that in April, my husband and I tested positive for Covid-19. We’d been vaccinated and boosted, but we still got it. I would say we had “medium covid,” meaning it was much more than a sneeze or sniffle, but we didn’t die from it, so we had cases somewhere in between those two extremes. The recovery time is taking entirely too long, which is frustrating, to say the least. I seem to be dealing with some short-term memory loss. The most frustrating thing is how quickly I tire. Pre-covid, I spent most of my day, by choice, on my feet (I converted to a standing workstation quite some time ago). In addition to standing at work, I often do theater work in the evening and my habit is to pace during rehearsal. Now I find I cannot stand more than 30-90 minutes at the most. More than 90% of the work I do in the bindery requires standing. Before I tested positive, I was behind (embarrassingly so) in the bindery. Now I feel like I’ll never catch up. To give myself even the notion of a chance of ever doing so, I need to not take any additional projects in the bindery for now. Unlike other work at the bookstore, the bindery work is done completely by me and is not something I delegate to others. I’m sorry to do this, but I’m overwhelmed. Thank you for your patience and kindness. This has been a humbling and unwelcome experience, to say the least.

Spring Schedule

Beginning May 1, we will be open 10:00 to 4:00 on Sundays.
The rest of our schedule will remail the same for now—9:00 to 5:00, Monday through Saturday.

Poster: "How do you BOOK?" with graphic novel style illustrations


Children's Book Week
May 2 to 8

“How do you Book?” is the 2022 Children’s Book Week slogan. The thought-provoking theme asks children to think about what they read, where they read, and how they read.

All used picture books will be 25% off. We have a great selection, and this is an economical way to add to your library at home or in the classroom!


book coverbook coverSister Wolf Book Group to Start Up!

Our longest running book group will resume this month! The Sister Wolf Book Group, which began in 1998, is seasonal, meeting at 10:00 every other Wednesday, May into September. Following the book discussion, members of the group gather for lunch at Bella Caffé/3rd St. Market. All women are welcome to join.

Interested group members will meet on May 18 at 10 :00to select books for the summer. Come with suggestions! (We’re looking for books recently out in paperback, fiction or non-fiction, about 300 pages long.)

All participants must be vaccinated and boosted against COVID.

Author Fest logoSummer Events Schedule

book coverWe are currently setting up author appearances for the summer and into the fall. As soon as possible, these will be posted on the Events page of our website. Highlights thus far are Author Fest on June 18 and a visit by William Kent Krueger with his latest book, Fox Creek, on August 26. That’s just 3 days after the book is released!

April Bestsellers

Book covers are linked to our online store, where you’ll find a description of each book.

book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover

Winter’s Children
Ryan Rodgers


Kristof and WuDunn


Call Me Athena
Colby Smith


Baby Duck Finger Puppet
Chronicle Books


A Good Time for the Truth
Sun Yung Shin

book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover
Brave Enough
Jessie Diggins

Fox & I
Catherine Raven


Between Two Kingdoms
Suleika Jaouad


Raft of Stars
Andrew Graff

  Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
Charlie Mackesy
book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover
THe Little Prince
Antoine De Saint- Exupéry
Sara Pennypacker
  Klara and the Sun
Kazuro Ishiguro
  Call Us What We Carry
Amanda Gorman
  The Lincoln Highway
Amor Towles

Paws for Poetry

book coverThe Hunting Kind
Ada Limon

Ada Limon's new collection of poetry is filled with reflections on relationships with humans, nature, technology, and even sports in one poem (which of course, as always, isn't really about sports.) The poems are eloquent yet concise. Limon's writing can reach out and make the reader care about anything the poet wants, whether the reader has been previously interested in/cared about those things, by making connections between human emotions and, well, anything. 

book cover Dream Drawings
N. Scott Momaday

Creative N. Scott Momaday calls his collection of prose poems "Dream Drawings"and I have to admit that's much more fitting than calling them poems. In reading these nuggets, I had the feeling of being around a campfire at night with friends and a storyteller—the kind of storyteller that has perfected the art. Each word and phrase are carefully crafted, while seeming as though it's just come off the top of mind. Sprinkled sparingly among the text is original artwork by Momaday. Topics addressed in the dream drawings include nature, family, magic, art, and more.



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