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Ann Ann

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Good Morning Loon
Elizabeth Varnai , illustrated by Kate Harley 

The mist rises on the lake. As a young boy and his mother paddle, they observe the many plants and animals that make the northern lakes their home. However, the highlight of their trip is the sighting of a loon. They hear its distinctive call and watch as it dives for its breakfast. The story is simple yet descriptive and beautifully illustrated. In the cold winter months, Good Morning Loon is sure to bring back happy memories of summers at the lake.

*Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award

Note: the book is being reprinted, and pandemic-related problems have led to delays. We expect to have it back in stock later this month.

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Begin with a Bee
Liza Ketchum, Jacqueline Briggs Martin and Phyllis Root, illustrated by Claudia McGehee

The story begins in the winter with one queen bee nesting underground. As readers journey through the seasons, we learn about the life cycle of the rusty-patched bumblebee, where it makes its home and the jobs of the various kinds of bees. From one queen bee comes a whole colony of bees spreading pollen from flower to flower, helping bees and plants to thrive. Colorful scratchboard illustrations add to the story’s appeal. Bonus information at the end of the book explains more about the rusty-patched bumblebee and strategies to help pollinators survive. Both children and adults are sure to enjoy and learn from this beautiful non-fiction picture book.

Note: co-author Phyllis Root will be in the store for a signing on July 17.


Cascade Cascade

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Long Way Down: The Graphic Novel
Jason Reynolds, illustrated by Danica Novgorodoff

I was completely enthralled by the novel this is based on, and the artistry of this graphic version does not disappoint. Will’s older brother Shawn has been killed and Will has a tough decision to make--should he get revenge and kill the man he thinks killed his brother or not (and go against everything he has been taught)? We watch as Will gets into an elevator with a gun and on each floor all the way to the ground level he encounters a loved one he lost to violence. The hazy unreality of the whole scene is beautifully captured and manages to feel brief and timeless all at the same time. This story will leave the reader with a lot to think about and doesn’t give any easy answers. 


Pam Pam



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The Leaf Thief
Alice Hemming, illustrated by Nicola Slater

This is a fun book about the predictable changes that happen in our lives. It made me laugh! Poor anxious squirrel is angry when he realizes that someone is taking the leaves from his tree. Bird is a good friend and helps him understand that the changing and dropping leaves happen every year.
This would be a great book for a child who struggles with change such as a new sibling or a new school. The surprise ending will keep you laughing.

Note: the book will be released August 3 and may be preordered now.

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Dumplings for Lili
Melissa Iwai

Lili is sent on a mission to get a cabbage so her grandmother’s dumplings can finish steaming. She encounters an apartment building full of grandmothers who need various food items to complete their dumpling dishes. Lili never complains as she dashes up and down six flights of stairs. I love this story of community sharing and the variety of dishes offered at the end. The surprise dumpling is a treasure!

Sally Sally

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Out of My Mind
Sharon Draper

Melody Brooks is eleven years old and can’t speak. She has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair because she can’t walk, either. But she’s very bright and is frustrated that she can’t communicate. She’s in a class for special needs children at school, and her teachers have no idea of her abilities, even after the children in her class are mainstreamed for some classes. Then she gets a Medi-Talker, which allows her to talk! Soon she’s involved in the Whiz Kid competition, participating on a par with her teammates. Will they be able to see beyond her physical problems to accept her?

book coverThis powerful story was written for middle grade children with the hope that it will increase empathy for those who struggle with limitations. The spunky heroine is someone with whom children can identify, while realizing the obstacles with which she lives. The sequel, Out of My Heart, will be published in November.


Tripod (a dog) Tripod


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Love is My Favorite Thing
Emma Chichester Clark

I think Clark wrote this book about me! I love treats and walking and ice cream! The main character even looks like me. Just like Plummie in the book, I make mistakes! But I am really sad when I make them. I think you would enjoy this book about Plummie and me!

Tripod with the book

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