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Ann Ann

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Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship
Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes,
illustrated by Scott Magoon

A pup named Rescue and a girl named Jessica have a lot in common. Rescue is training to be a Seeing Eye dog, but his trainer thinks that being a service dog would be a better fit. Rescue worries about being successful in his new role.

Jessica has been injured in an accident. One of her legs will need to be amputated and she will need to learn new ways to get around. She has a lot to learn and doesn't want to let anyone down.

When life brings Rescue and Jessica together, it is the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Rescue is a loving companion and helper for Jessica and she is a kind and caring owner. Perhaps the essence of the relationship between the Rescue and Jessica is captured in the last sentence, “…the truth was, they had rescued each other.” It is a story of hope and resilience. Recommended for Ages 5-8.


Cascade Cascade

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Ghost Boys
Jewell Parker Rhodes

This incredibly topical book tackles the fictional story of a twelve-year-old Black boy named Jerome who is shot and killed by a police officer when he is seen holding a toy gun. The story starts at the time of the officer's gun being fired and follows the aftermath of this decision, with chapters switching between before and after Jerome’s death. Jerome narrates from beyond the grave as he watches his family grieve, the trial, and the police officer and his daughter’s reactions. Jerome does not face all this alone in the afterlife; he is given advice and history lessons from another ghost he comes to learn is Emmett Till. Jerome is able to communicate with the police officer’s daughter as she struggles to understand her father’s actions. This tragic but hopeful book encapsulates a lot of different perspectives and weaves this with the history of violence against Black boys and men. Although this novel has a reading level for middle schoolers, its themes are those that adults can benefit from as well.


Tripod (a dog) Tripod



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Wolf Camp
Andrea Zuill

I read the book Wolf Camp by Andrea Zuill and I really enjoyed it! The book was about a dog named Homer, who felt like a wolf. I related to this because I sometimes feel like a wolf when my dad and I sing together! Homer was eating at home one day when he got a flyer for Wolf Camp! He kept asking his parents to let him go, and eventually they did! I would recommend this story to everyone because it is a good book that talks about change, and change is something we all go through.

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We Want a Dog
Lo Cole

Everyone at the bookstore knows that when a book about dogs comes in, I have first dibs on reading it. The nice people at Sourcebooks even sent along a tie for me!

I really enjoyed the drawings in the book, and think I saw myself and my sister Shadow in them!
I also liked the rhyming; it was super clever and fun! I think that everyone should read this book AND get a dog.

Tripod with the bookThe ending of We Want a Dog by Lo Cole, was NOT what I was expecting! I think everyone should have a dog, or two, or three in their life! (My family also has a cat, but one of them is enough.)



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The Mysterious Benedict Society series,
Trenton Lee Stewart

Fans of the popular series will be interested to know a movie has been made of it!


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