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Recent Events

book cover
Fall Theological Conference
September 20

The Northwest Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Church in America held a Fall Theological Conference at the Shooting Star Events Center in Mahnomen. The event centered on the book Healing Haunted Histories: A Settler Discipleship of Decolonization.

The authors of the book, Elaine Enns and Ched Myers, were the keynote speakers for the event, and were at Beagle and Wolf afterwards for a signing.

Their book is part memoir, part social, historical, and theological analysis, and part practical workbook. It invites Christians (and other people of faith) into a discipleship of decolonization. How are our histories, landscapes, and communities haunted by continuing Indigenous dispossession? How do we transform our colonizing self-perceptions, lifeways, and structures? And how might we practice restorative solidarity with Indigenous communities today?

book cover

Terry Smith
September 13

Terry Smith—and Beagle and Wolf—were at the Armory for Headwaters Center for Lifelong Learning.

Smith was the program, sharing highlights of his 37-year career in law enforcement. He is the author of the book Code 4, and we sold copies. (The book is also available in the store.)

Onesie-Twosie Sale

September 2 to 5

At the end of the summer we fill our shelves with new non-book merchandise for fall. But first, we needed to empty those shelves! Items we have in small quantities were on sale Labor Day weekend.

book coverLinda LeGarde Grover
Saturday, September 3
Linda LeGarde Grover
Linda LeGarde Grover was in the store, signing copies of her latest book, Gichigami Hearts: Stories and Histories from Misaabekong.

Long before there was a Duluth, Minnesota, the massive outcropping that divides the city emerged from the ridge of gabbro rock running along the westward shore of Lake Superior. A great westward migration carried the Ojibwe people to this place, the Point of Rocks. Against this backdrop—Misaabekong, the place of the giants—the lives chronicled in Linda LeGarde Grover’s book unfold, some in myth, some in long-ago times, some in an imagined present, and some in the author’s family history, all with a deep and tenacious bond to the land, one another, and the Ojibwe culture.

Within the larger history, Grover tells the story of her ancestors’ arrival at the American Fur Post in far western Duluth more than two hundred years ago. Their fortunes and the family’s future are inextricably entwined with tales of marriages to voyageurs, relocations to reservation lands, encounters with the spirits of the lake and wood creatures, the renewal of life—in myth and in art, the search for meaning in the transformations of our day is always vital. book coverFinally, in one man’s struggles, age-old tribulations, the intergenerational traumas of extended families and communities, and a uniquely Ojibwe appreciation for the natural and spiritual worlds converge, forging the Ojibwe worldview and will to survive as his legacy to his descendants.

We loved learning more about the history of Linda's people. We’ll also had copies of her other books available. AND, her publisher sent a door prize! It’s a copy of The Sky Watched.

This book of Linda’s poetry will be reissued on October 25, but you can register to win it this month!

book cover
Kristy Boike
August 27

Kristy BoikeKristy Boike’s family experienced a global community of support through the birdhouses they started building after her mother died. Within that community Kristi learned how difficult it was to have healthy conversations about grief and loss. In an attempt to normalize the big emotions that can arise from grief and help families dealing with loss, Kristi wrote Rise Up, Little Bluebirds. The book is a sweet tale of grief and community, told through the eyes of the members of a bluebird family who are searching for ways to keep the memory of their dear Grandma Bluebird alive.

book cover

William Kent Krueger
August 26

William Kent KruegerWe were excited to welcome William Kent Krueger with his latest book just three days after the book wa released!

See Sally's review of Fox Creek.

book coverLori Mier
Lori Mier
August 19

Former Park Rapids resident Lori Mier was with us with her children’s book, Merin and Her Very Bright Star.

The book is a heartfelt story of loss and resilience from the author's direct experience. Merin loses her parents and struggles with the juxtaposition of missing them yet not remembering who they are. She seeks answers to impermamemce and takes comfort in the predictability of the evening star that she sees every night. The character of Merin teaches children that they are not alone, and is a beautiful example of moving forward from loss even without finding all of the answers. This is a comforting and relatable read for those who are grieving. It is also a segue to introduce children to the benefits of therapy and the healing power of the natural world.

On August 12 we hada triple header!

book coverChris NoburyChris Norbury

Minnesotan Chris Norbury is the award-winning author of the suspense-thriller Matt Lanier series.

The books feature Matt Lanier, a southern Minnesota farm-kid-turned-professional-musician whose comfortable middle-class world is turned upside down by a conspiracy of powerful, ambitious, violent men.
book coverbook cover
Lanier used to be a world-class musician. Now he’s a homeless fugitive suffering from PTSD and wrongly accused of murdering a cop. He survives by playing guitar on the streets of Minneapolis for spare change. The first two books in the series were also available.

book coverJason Lee Willis

Empires rise and fall, but the stars remain the same.

Jason Lee WillisRenowned French astronomer and expert on Halley's Comet Joseph Nicollet is shown a bizarre map by a Scottish noblewoman who believes it tells the location of the Philosopher's Stone. When the noblewoman is murdered and the map is stolen, Nicollet embarks on a dangerous quest to discover the truth behind the ancient legend. With only the memory of the mysterious treasure map to go on, Nicollet leads a mapping expedition into the untamed forests and wild rivers of Minnesota, where mysticism still lingers in the shadows.
Driven by science yet deeply religious, wild at heart but frail of body, and capable of inspiring friendship while keeping dark secrets, Joseph Nicollet must choose between his reputation and his duty to the truth. Will the stolen map's strange clues allow Nicollet to find the ancient treasure? Or will a faceless adversary destroy his works and dreams before the truth can be discovered?

book coverbook coverChristine Husom

Christine HusomWe were pleased to welcome Christine Husom back to the store! She signed books from her two series, both set in Minnesota. Husom uses her real-life experiences in the criminal justice system, and interest in what motivates people to commit crimes, to write intriguing plots with compelling characters. She served with the Wright County Sheriff’s Department and trained with the St. Paul Police Department where she gained firsthand knowledge of law enforcement policies and procedures.

One of her series is the Winnebago County Mystery series. The other, a cozy series, is the Snow Globe Shop Mysteries.

book coverSimon Hargreaves
August 2

Simon Hargreaves was in the store to sign copies of Maxwell Cooper and the Legend of Inini-Makwa. Hargreaves is the pen name of the manager of a local resort. You may know him...

Simon Hargreaves"Only draw what is real." This is the rule given to fourteen-year-old art prodigy Maxwell Cooper by his father and is the only way Max's father will allow him to attend the prestigious boarding school Apogee Art Academy. It's also a rule Max decides to defy.

During their first night of vacation at Bear Tooth Point Resort, Maxwell draws a portrait of a local legend just to spite his father: the monster known as Inini-Makwa. But the land of Bear Tooth Point is steeped in Ashotii spirit magic, and when guests begin disappearing Max is confronted with a terrifying reality. The monster from his drawing has come to life!

Now, with Inini-Makwa targeting his family, Max must find a way to reverse the magic and destroy the creature before she kills everyone he has ever loved.

Shop Local: Find Waldo Here! Find Waldo in Park Rapids!

Iconic Children’s Book Character Continues to Create Summertime Fun

to Support the Shop Local Movement

Where’s Waldo? In Park Rapids, of course! The iconic children’s book character in the red-and-white-striped shirt and black-rimmed specs visited 17 locations throughout our community this July. Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2022, Find Waldo Local is a great summer vacation activity and a wonderful way to support local businesses.

Participants picked up a “Find Waldo Local in Park Rapids!” stamp cards, which contained the names of all the sites; with each Waldo they spot, they can get their card stamped or signed by the participating shop. To make things a little more challenging, there was be one slightly different Waldo hiding in Beagle and Wolf Books. Collecting store stamps or signatures at twelve or more businesses entitled diligent seekers entry into a grand-prize drawing for Waldo books and paraphernalia.

Once again, in celebration of Waldo’s longevity and popularity, Candlewick Press teamed up with hundreds of independent bookstores across the country for some hide-and-seek fun designed to encourage residents to patronize their local businesses. The hunt lasts for the entire month of July.

Author Fest logo

Author Fest
June 18

After a two year hiatus, Author Fest, our annual celebration of Minnesota authors and their books, came back! It's always a great chance to visit with authors, meet new authors, get signed books, and hear authors read. There were signings throughout the day.

book cover

Jeanne Cooney
It's Murder, Dontcha Know?

book cover

Molly Beth Griffin
Ten Beautiful Things

book cover

Cheryl Johnson
Box Lunch Lifestyle

book cover

Terry Smith
Code 4
book cover

Tom Maltman
The Land and others
book cover

Staci Lola Drouillard
Seven Aunts

book cover

Wendell Affield
book cover

Cary Griffith
Cougar Claw

book cover

Cate Belleveau
Kayak Cate

book cover

Linda LeGarde Grover
Gichgami Hearts
book cover

Frank Weber
Black and Blue
book cover

Marcie Rendon
Girl Gone Missing

book cover


Bill Durbin
The Hidden Room

book cover

Will Weaver, editor. Days of Smoke and Weaver’s books will be available.
book cover


Doug Mayfield
The Saint Patrick’s Day Hero

book cover


Julie Jo Larson
100 Things to do in the Minnesota Northwoods Before You Die

book cover


John Enger 

book cover


Matt Goldman
Carolina Moonset

book cover


Pat Mason
Ghost Child

book cover


Bette Slater Seres
John J. Hammerlink and the Really Big Think

book cover


Joy Harding
Baundary Waters Search and Rescue: Beyond Belief

book cover


Stephanie Ash
The Annie Year

book cover


Geoff Herbach
Cracking the Bell

book cover


Darla Medeck-Johnson
Dewdrops to Raindrops


Poster: "How do you BOOK?" with graphic novel style illustrations

Children's Book Week
May 2 to 8

“How do you Book?” was the 2022 Children’s Book Week slogan. The thought-provoking theme asks children to think about what they read, where they read, and how they read.

All used picture books were be 25% off. We have a great selection, and this is an economical way to add to your library at home or in the classroom!

Independent Bookstore Day, Saturday, April 30, 2022

Independent Bookstore Day
April 30

Independent Bookstore Day is a one-day celebration that takes place at indie bookstores across the country. We had birthday cake (it’s been seven years since we combined Beagle Books & Bindery and Sister Wolf Books!), exclusive merchandise produced just for the day, some great prizes, a free book with every purchase, AND the new Indie Bookstore map was available! We’re not in this logo, but we are in the map itself!

Ryan Rodgersbook cover

Jeanne Cooney signed copies of her new book.

Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give, was the Independent Bookstore Day Ambassador!

Angie Thomas: Independent Bookstore Day 2022 Ambassador #IndieBookstoreDay

Midwest Indie Bookstore Roadmap: Pick up a free copy on April 30, Independent Bookstore DayMidwest Indie Bookstore Roadmap: Pick up a free copy on April 30, Independent Bookstore Day


Indie Bookstores
are our jam!

book coverbook coverSpring Retreat
April 23
Northern Pines Campground

We enjoyed a day outside our normal routine with a lively group of readers! We all read The Fox and I and Pax ahead of time to explore the theme “Uncommon Friendships” through discussing them.

photo of roomWe met at the comfortable Fireside Room at Northern Pines Campground, just north of Park Rapids.

NOrthern Pines Camp sign



Hop Downtown in Park Rapids poster


Hop Downtown
April 14 to 16

WOTYC logo

Week of the Young Child

On April 5 we opened our doors to young children and their caregivers for an interactive story time.

Winter's Children
April 2

Winter’s Children author Ryan Rodgers was in Park Rapids for an event co-sponsored by Beagle and Wolf Books and the local Itascatur Outdoor Activity Club. The event was at the Soaring Eagle Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trails warming house. Skiers and history buffs from all over the area swapped stories and enjoyed a pot-luck. 

See Brita's review of Winter's Children.

Ryan Rodgers book cover
  Patrick O'Leary Photography

Paperbag Pricess displays
Paper Bag Princess Day

March 5

In The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch the fiercest dragon in the whole world smashes Princess Elizabeth’s castle, burns all her clothes, and captures her fiancé, Prince Ronald. Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands. With her wits alone and nothing but a paper bag to wear, the princess challenges the dragon to show his strength in the hopes of saving the prince. But is he worth all that trouble?

Jen did a live reading of the book: paper crowns were provided.

book cover

Crossed fingers emoji

Not just Valentine's Day
February 14

Not only was it Valentine’s Day on February 14, it was also Clifford the Big Red Dog’s birthday! We celebrated our favorite larger-than-life canine in a big way this year with lots of fun surprises.

@scholastic and #HappyBirthdayClifford!

Beagle and Wolf Night In/Morning In logo

Night In/Morning In

Our popular winter event for readers was back! There were a few COVID inspired twists, but Sally and Jen still recommended books they think would be great for book group discussion or individual reading.

The event features:

Book recommendations

A 10% discount on the books we recommend January 15 to 21

Book related swag  and prizes (for in-person attendees only)

  Go to 2020 and 2021 events  

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