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August 2022 Bluebird from Boike book

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Bluebird from Boike bookEVENTS

Get out your calendar! We have lots of events scheduled in August and you’ll want to make note of them!

book coverSimon Hargreaves
August 2, 1:00 to 3:00

Simon Hargreaves will be in the store to sign copies of Maxwell Cooper and the Legend of Inini-Makwa. Hargreaves is the pen name of the manager of a local resort. Come in, see if you know him, and learn about the book!

Simon Hargreaves"Only draw what is real." This is the rule given to fourteen-year-old art prodigy Maxwell Cooper by his father and is the only way Max's father will allow him to attend the prestigious boarding school Apogee Art Academy. It's also a rule Max decides to defy.

During their first night of vacation at Bear Tooth Point Resort, Maxwell draws a portrait of a local legend just to spite his father: the monster known as Inini-Makwa. But the land of Bear Tooth Point is steeped in Ashotii spirit magic, and when guests begin disappearing Max is confronted with a terrifying reality. The monster from his drawing has come to life!

Now, with Inini-Makwa targeting his family, Max must find a way to reverse the magic and destroy the creature before she kills everyone he has ever loved.

On August 12, 1:00 to 3:00 we’ll have a triple header!

book coverChris Norbury

Minnesotan Chris Norbury is the award-winning author of the suspense-thriller Matt Lanier series.

The books feature Matt Lanier, a southern Minnesota farm-kid-turned-professional-musician whose comfortable middle-class world is turned upside down by a conspiracy of powerful, ambitious, violent men.

book coverLanier used to be a world-class musician. Now he’s a homeless fugitive suffering from PTSD and wrongly accused of murdering a cop. He survives by playing guitar on the streets of Minneapolis for spare change. The first two books in the series will also be available.
book coverbook cover

book coverJason Lee Willis

Empires rise and fall, but the stars remain the same.

Jason Lee WillisRenowned French astronomer and expert on Halley's Comet Joseph Nicollet is shown a bizarre map by a Scottish noblewoman who believes it tells the location of the Philosopher's Stone. When the noblewoman is murdered and the map is stolen, Nicollet embarks on a dangerous quest to discover the truth behind the ancient legend. With only the memory of the mysterious treasure map to go on, Nicollet leads a mapping expedition into the untamed forests and wild rivers of Minnesota, where mysticism still lingers in the shadows.
Driven by science yet deeply religious, wild at heart but frail of body, and capable of inspiring friendship while keeping dark secrets, Joseph Nicollet must choose between his reputation and his duty to the truth. Will the stolen map's strange clues allow Nicollet to find the ancient treasure? Or will a faceless adversary destroy his works and dreams before the truth can be discovered?


book coverbook coverChristine Husom

Christine HusomHelp us welcome Christine Husom back to the store! She’ll be signing books from her two series, both set in Minnesota. Husom uses her real-life experiences in the criminal justice system, and interest in what motivates people to commit crimes, to write intriguing plots with compelling characters. She served with the Wright County Sheriff’s Department and trained with the St. Paul Police Department where she gained firsthand knowledge of law enforcement policies and procedures.

One of her series is the Winnebago County Mystery series. The other, a cozy series, is the Snow Globe Shop Mysteries.

book coverLori Mier Lori Mier
August 19
1:00 to 3:00

Former Park Rapids resident Lori Mier will be with us with her children’s book, Merin and Her Very Bright Star.

The book is a heartfelt story of loss and resilience from the author's direct experience. Merin loses her parents and struggles with the juxtaposition of missing them yet not remembering who they are. She seeks answers to impermamemce and takes comfort in the predictability of the evening star that she sees every night. The character of Merin teaches children that they are not alone, and is a beautiful example of moving forward from loss even without finding all of the answers. This is a comforting and relatable read for those who are grieving. It is also a segue to introduce children to the benefits of therapy and the healing power of the natural world.

book coverWilliam Kent Krueger
August 26 3:30 to 4:30

We are excited to welcome William Kent Krueger with his latest book, Fox Creek, on August 26. That’s just three days after the book is released! We are taking preorders and have ordered plenty of copies of Fox Creek.

William Kent KruegerOnly books purchased in our store will be signed. It’s the support of our customers which makes events like this possible.

See Sally's review of Fox Creek.

book cover
Kristy Boike

August 27, 1:00 to 3:00

Kristy BoikeKristy Boike’s family experienced a global community of support through the birdhouses they started building after her mother died. Within that community Kristi learned how difficult it was to have healthy conversations about grief and loss. In an attempt to normalize the big emotions that can arise from grief and help families dealing with loss, Kristi wrote Rise Up, Little Bluebirds. The book is a sweet tale of grief and community, told through the eyes of the members of a bluebird family who are searching for ways to keep the memory of their dear Grandma Bluebird alive.

Come to meet Kristy, learn about the bluebird house project, and see her lovely children’s book.

July Bestsellers

Book covers are linked to our online store, where you’ll find a description of each book.

book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover

Lightning Strike
William Kent Krueger


Girl Gone Missing
Marcie Rendon


The Silence that Binds Us, Joanna Ho


Ugly Love
Coleen Hoover


It Ends with Us
Coleen Hoover

  Lillian Boxfish Takes a
Kathleen Rooney
book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover

Good Eggs
Rebecca Hardiman


People We Meet on Vacation
Emily Henry


Kathleen Novak


Return of the Prodigal Son
Henry Nouwen


Murder on the Red River
Marcie Rendon


Goodnight Loon
Abe Sauer

    book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover    



Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens


Book Lovers
Emily Henry

  Bright Precious Thing
Gail Caldwell
  Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
Jen Taylor Reid



Paws for Poetry

book cover

Poems from the Edge of Extinction: An Anthology of Poetry in Endangered Languages
Edited by Chris McCabe

Have you ever had the experience of borrowing a book from someone else--a family member, a friend, the library—and when you read the book, you love it so very much you don’t think you can bear to return it so you trot down to the bookstore, clutching the book, and only when you’ve got another copy of the same book can you stand to return the original to its owner? Sometimes a version of that happens in the bookstore.

Often our staff member Gina receives book as they come in. On more than one occasion, she has accused me (lovingly of course) of merely ordering in particular books knowing she will receive them, and be unable to resist buying them.

Recently, I did some receiving myself, including a book titled Poems from the Edge of Extinction: An Anthology of Poetry in Endangered Languages, edited by Chris McCabe. The title is fairly self-explanatory, but this is an anthology of poems written in languages that are headed towards extinction. The book is divided into sections of the world: Africa, The Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. Within each of these sections, each poem is presented in its native tongue and then translated on the opposite page. Following the poem, a little bit of information is provided about the language, the poet, and the translator (when not the poet). It makes for rich reading, and I can’t bear to put the copy I received on the shelf, so I’ll have to order in another. If you ask to borrow my copy, I ABSOLUTELY WANT IT BACK. Below is a sample of the beginning of the poem "Seine Netters" from editor Chris McCabe’s talk about the project on YouTube.

Seine Netters                                                                 Seine Netters
Black aa roond, an da steep seas makkin;                     Black all round, and the steep seas building,
Gunwale ta gunwale, til da decks rin white;                   Gunwale to gunwale, till the decks run white;
Mast-head licht in a swirlin moorie                                 Mast-head light in a swirling blizzard
Loopin aboot lack a thing green gyte                             Leaping about like a thing gone mad.

Hullo! – Hullo! – Hullo!                                                    Hello! - Hello! - Hello! -
‘Daybreak’ calllin ‘Venture –                                           ‘Daybreak calling ‘Venture’ -
‘Venture’ – ‘Venture’ – ‘Venture –                                   ‘Venture’ - ‘Venture’ - ‘Venture’ -
‘Daybreak callin ‘Venture’ . . .                                         ‘Daybreak calling ‘Venture’ -

paw print

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