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Groups at Beagle Books

The store sponsors several book groups. The groups are open and there is no charge to participate. We only expect that you buy the book at Beagle BooksPaws Points Event. If it’s a physical book, we’ll give you a 10% discount!

The discount is not available for e-books purchased from us.

A book group for young people is forming!

Paws Points EventThe book club will be for girls and boys in 5th to 7th grades (with some flexibility.)We’ll have an informational meeting on Monday evening, April 20 at Beagle 6:30.At that meeting, we’ll choose a book for our May discussion, which will be 6:30 p.m. Monday, May 18 at Beagle.

Book discussion will last an hour, and parents (or other grown-up family members) are welcome/encouraged to join us. We’ll provide beverages/snacks and include a fun component such as games during the discussion. Beagle will provide Advance Reader Copies as prizes. For more information, call Jen at 237-2665.


Paws Points EventWomen's Book Group at Beagle

April 9
5:30 pm

Mrs. Poe
by Lynn Cullen

Note new time!



Paws Points EventMen's Book Group at Beagle

April 21
9:00 am

Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters
by Wade Davis


Paws Points EventCurrent Events Book Group
A joint project of the League of Women Voters
and Beagle Books & Bindery, open to men and women.

April 19
4:00 pm

Fractured Land: the Price of Inherited Oil 
by Lisa Westberg Peters

We’ll discuss the first 100 pages (7 chapters) at the April 19 meeting, and the rest of the book in May. If you can’t attend both meetings, come when you can.

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