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This month's Midwest Connection Picks

Give a Girl a Knife
Amy Thielen

The Midwest Connections Program is regional, so we’re particularly happy that Give a Girl a Knife, by Park Rapids’ own Amy Thielen is one of this month’s selections! You already know that we love the book—here’s what her publisher has to say about it: “A beautifully written food memoir chronicling Amy’s journey from her rural Midwestern hometown to the intoxicating world of New York City dining. It offers a fresh view into high-end restaurants before Amy realizes the marrow running through her bones is not demi-glace but gravy—thick with nostalgia and hard to resist.” All the copies of Give a Girl a Knife and Amy’s earlier book, The New Midwestern Table, in the store are signed. Give a Girl a Knife is available in hardcover and also as an audio book on Amy is the reader!

Amy Thielen speaking in front of paintings

Amy Thielen with cake decorated like her book
    Our recent launch party for Amy’s book was standing room only—so Amy hopped on a chair for a reading.   Amy and the cake for the launch.

bookOdd One Out
Quinton Skinner

Anyone who grew up in a family knows there are always mysteries. In Odd One Out, the shock of a couple’s separation ripples through the lives of their children like an emotional detective story. A manic cross-country road trip, followed by a sister’s search for her brother, set up a meditative, revealing ending.

Recommended if you like: Us by David Nichols and This Is Where I Leave Youby Jonathan Tropper.

book Runs with Courage
Joan Wolf

This book is set in the Dakota Territory in1880. Four Winds, a ten-year-old Lakota girl, has been taken away from her family and brought to a boarding school run by whites. Here she is taught English and expected to assimilate into white culture.On the reservation, Four Winds had to fight against starvation. Now she must fight to hold on to who she is. A rare read, Runs with Courage shares the tale of the forced assimilation of the native peoples through the brave, scared voice of ten-year-old Four Winds as she struggles to remember who she is.

Recommended if you like: I Am Not a Number by Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer and Soldier Sister, Fly Home by Nancy Bo Flood.

book On the Spot: Countless Funny Stories
Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Lea Redmond, and Sanne te Loo

New York Times
bestselling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Lea Redmond, and Sanne te Loo have created a picture book with a story that rhymes and very lovely illustrations. But they’ve left out some important pieces of the story, and it’s up to the reader to fill them in!

Story time will take on a new dimension of play as kids use the stickers or scamper in search of the most hilarious items to occupy the blank spaces in the text.

Amy Krause Rosenthal was the author of over twenty books for children. Her titles include Uni the Unicorn, I Wish You More, Wumbers, Plant a Kiss, Little Pea, Spoon, The Wonder Book, Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons, and Duck! Rabbit! She died this March at the age of fifty-one after a difficult battle with ovarian cancer.

Recommended if you like: Press Here and Tap the Magic Tree.

Some favorite past Midwest Picks

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