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This month's Midwest Connection Picks


Quiet Until the Thaw
a novel by Alexandra Fuller

Our customers are long-time fans of Fuller’s work, particularly the memoirs set in Africa (Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight and Cocktails Under the Tree of Forgetfulness.) Quiet Until the Thaw is a change of genre—it’s fiction—and subject matter, but features the same beautiful writing.

Quiet Until the Thaw is a powerful and emotional meditation on family and culture, race and history. Fuller focuses on the Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation from the 1940s on, capturing how the weight of history has affected their individual experiences. With beautiful and intimate prose set against the vibrant backdrop of the American West, Fuller's prowess as a storyteller shines. Epic as well as intimate, Quiet Until the Thaw is a remarkable feat.

book Don't Call Us Dead
poetry by Danez Smith

Award-winning poet Danez Smith is a groundbreaking force, celebrated for deft lyrics, urgent subjects, and performative power. In Don't Call Us Dead, Smith sings of an afterlife for black men shot by police, of first boy-loves grown to adult desires, of the mortal dangers experienced in skin and body and HIV-positive blood. "I write poems that try to tell and trouble the truth," he says. This is an ambitious and astonishing collection that grieves, rebukes, and celebrates with equal urgency.

Smith is from St. Paul, Minnesota.


Tornado Weather
a novel by Deborah E. Kennedy

Five-year-old Daisy Gonzalez's father is always waiting for her at the bus stop. But today he isn't, and Daisy disappears. Nearly everyone in Colliersville, Indiana suspects or knows something different about what happened. They also know a lot about each other. Kennedy examines the fabric of this Midwestern town through the interconnected stories of the town's complex and flawed people. 

bookEvery Kind of Wanting
a novel by Gina Frangello

Every Kind of Wanting
explores the complex intersection of three unique families in Chicago and their bustling efforts to have a "Community Baby." By turns funny, dark and sexy, Frangello's novel strips bare the layers of the American family today. Tackling issues such as assimilation, family-making, the legacy of secrets, the morality of desire, and ultimately who "owns" love, the characters—across all ethnicities, nationalities, and sexualities—are blisteringly alive.

Some favorite past Midwest Picks

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